Seasonal nomads, authors of another cocktail please

About Jack & Carrie

Canadian born, Jack Janssen is a luxury vacation home and waterfront realtor, power boater, certified diver and avid above and underwater photographer. Having traveled much of the globe in his youth, Jack continues to thrive on new adventures and living abroad, somewhere new, each October until April.

Carrie Trip, also a Canadian, left behind the security of a government job to travel with her husband Jack. Carrie is a certified yoga instructor, scuba diver and realtor.
Both organized, analytical people Jack and Carrie together have effectively merged a conventional lifestyle with a nomadic twist - for a life teeming with excitement and adventure.

During the temperate months Jack and Carrie reside in their long term cottage rental on Lake Rosseau, in the beautiful vacation destination of Muskoka, Ontario. Here they enjoy working their seasonal real estate business, practicing yoga on the dock, kayaking, boating and spending time with family and friends. They operate their business from wherever they happen to be on the planet. 

Experts in 'how to' live an exotic lifestyle' they are the authors of - Another Cocktail Please ~ the Essential Guide to Long Term Vacationing. This is not your teenagers guide to backpacking or a destination specific guide book. Instead Jack and Carrie encourage others to "think outside the box". Experienced luxury vacationers, they share their wisdom and advice and ease the frustration of planning enjoyable, extended holidays.They hope their book and Evolving Bucket List will inspire you!

Check out our book! Another Cocktail Please ~ the essential guide to long term vacationing