Another Cocktail Please~ the Essential Guide to Long Term Vacationing


Having spent numerous winters living abroad, always somewhere new and exciting, we demonstrate that longer term vacationing is not only attainable – it’s life enriching. Is your vacation for one week, one month – longer? This information is for you! 

Another Cocktail Please is our response to endless statements – “we love your lifestyle”.  And the question we are asked time and again, “how can I vacation like you do?” 

It’s all here in our Essential Guide. Wherever you are travelling, we provide you with the tips and tools to achieve the perfect vacation. You’ll also find “think outside the box” solutions to attain the time to holiday longer. This how-to book is designed to provoke thoughts, ideas and questions among you and your traveling companions. You’ll find lessons that we’ve learned that will save you money and aggravation.It’s a big, wide world out there with much to explore. 

Our Essential Guide takes you step by step. Beginning with organizing your life and choosing your destination. Then searching for and negotiating appropriate accommodations. We reveal all the details that will make your vacation a success. The conversation continues with renting vehicles and preparing for departure. And how to stay safe and healthy while assimilating into a foreign community and much more. 

Learn How To


Think outside the box to create more time for travel

Choose the perfect destination from which to live and explore your surroundings

Plan a hassle and disappointment-free vacation

Find the best holiday home for your budget

Negotiate vacation home and vehicle rentals to save money

Be fully prepared, packed and ready to go

Stay healthy and safe while assimilating into a new community

And so much more