Why an Evolving Bucket List?

Jack’s Story

“Living the life I choose is, to me, as important as breathing. Inhale, and gain a sense of adventure. Exhale, and sever any cords that hold you back – realize they were only strings to be broken.” ~ Jack Janssen

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As a young man, in my B.C. (before children) years, I began traveling the world. I’ve seen many amazing places, both foreign and in my home country.

My backpacking days are behind me now, however my wife and I continue to travel and enjoy a life of long term vacationing. We reside in Ontario and each Canadian winter, live somewhere different – for us this usually means somewhere tropical and exotic.

Since you are here I invite you to have a peek at my photographs and read the entries that made it onto my Evolving Bucket List.

So, what is an Evolving Bucket List?

An Evolving Bucket List encourages us to look ahead to future endeavours while cherishing life experiences we’ve already enjoyed.

While traveling and telling others of my adventures it was suggested to me I write down all of my accomplishments because, I was told, one day I would forget.

I began drafting my Reverse Bucket List – places I had been and things I had seen along my travels. The list became quite long and as I keep adding to it the term evolving seemed much more fitting.

Since creating my EBL, I’ve been further encouraged to write a book.  And with the help of my wife and travel partner in this journey called life, we did just that. It’s about how to live our exotic lifestyle – titled Another Cocktail Please the essential guide to long term vacationing.

The full story of why and how I began traveling at an early age is in our book, along with a multitude of tips we’ve learned along the way.

What are you waiting for? Create your Evolving Bucket List today!

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