Milford Sound – Day Trip

Milford Sound Fly-Tramp-Cruise-Fly Day Trip

Our Milford Sound day trip was an epic sightseeing tour! Actually a fiord, Milford Sound measures 12 km long and is up to 320 metres deep.

Jack was there backpacking in the 1980’s. However, this time, we were fortunate enough to be living in Queenstown for 3 months as part of our winter vacation adventure. Carefully picking and choosing the tourist attractions we wished to experience, Milford Sound was on the top of our list. As weather conditions near and at the Sound can be very rainy, Jack kept watch for a good weather day. Using  Milford Flights Tour Company, we booked a Fly-Hike-Cruise-Fly package from Queenstown to Milford Sound and back. Up in the air, looking down, the glaciers were quite literally “larger than life”. Check out a short video here.

new zealand milford sound glacier

Upon arriving at Milford Sound airport, we were transported to a water taxi that took us to the start (or rather end) of the Milford Track. People book up to a year in advance to hike this entire trail as only so many people are allowed on the track at any given time. Typically, a 3-day hike, we walked just the end section of it, a 3 hour round trip. To use proper Kiwi terminology – we went “tramping”.

bridge milford sound track new zealand

On our tramp through the lush rain forest we spotted wildlife, experienced the suspension bridges and secluded waterfalls.

waterfall milford sound new zealand rain forest

At the end of our hike we boarded the small boat back to the ship terminal and spent 2 hours cruising the fiord on a large vessel.

milford sound new zealand fur seals

We got up close and personal with stunning waterfalls and sunbathing fur seals.

Our cruise ended, and we were bused back to the small airport where we caught our plane back to Queenstown via an alternate route. The scenery was breathtaking both coming and going.

5 Facts About Milford Sound 

1. It is not a Sound
2. It IS one of the wettest places on the planet
3. There are many activities to enjoy while in Milford Sound
4. Milford Sound is a place to Unplug!
5. The water is an inky black

cruise milford sound new zealand

No matter how you get to Milford Sound, it is worth the trip. Many travel sites exalt this as one of the best natural travel sights in the world. Milford Sound is a popular tourist attraction due to its towering peaks, glaciers, waterfalls and rainforests. It truly is one of the worlds most beautiful sights.

fly milford sound new zealand tourism

Contact us if you have any questions. And, if you’ve been, we’d love to hear about your experience of vacation and adventure in New Zealand!

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