Boating the Baths Virgin Gorda and Beyond

Boating in the Caribbean is one of our favorite activities.

In all honesty, boating anywhere, anytime is what we love best! Whether it is at home on the Lakes of Muskoka, an ocean or a sea. We love being near, on and in the water.

Some adventures are more memorable than others. Boating to the Baths on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands is definitely one these experiences.

boating the Baths Virgin Gorda British Virgin Islands

What made it even more wonderful than expected was our boat captain. A great guide on a terrific vessel makes all the difference. Alibi is a 34 foot fiberglass Pursuit with twin Yamaha 250 engines. Woo-hoo!

We heard about Caribbean Alibi Boat Charter via word of mouth soon after we arrived in St. Thomas. So far, we’ve been three times, with one more trip already booked.

Our trip to the Baths was our second charter with Captain Kevin at the helm. It was a clear and sunny day, the ocean – flat as a pancake.

One thing to keep in mind is that the conditions of the water dictate where any captain can and will take you.  Captain Kevin is very well versed in nautical know-how and safety. Not to mention the history and geography of both the United States and British Virgin Islands. A Marine Biologist,  Kevin is literally a walking fountain of knowledge.

Boating The Baths!

Stunning to view from the water and even more fascinating once on shore. Kevin swam ashore with us and gave us a fantastic guided tour through the trail.

boating baths virgin gorda caribbean alibi boat charter

Since 1990, this area has been a BVI National Park. It is a major tourist attraction, with swimming and snorkeling as well as the walk through the Baths.

Since it is so popular we went on a non cruise ship day. We avoided the crowds and long lines.

Kevin’s detailed tour took us through the maze of  massive boulders which rise from the sea’s crystal waters. At times walking, climbing and wading through the crevices and grottoes, Kevin detailed for us how this geological wonder was created.

boating the baths virgin gorda caribbean alibi boat charters

The cavernous setting is a result of molten rock seeping up into the existing volcanic rock layers. Because the molten rock did not reach the surface it cooled slowly and formed the hard crystalline granite layer. Further shrinkage and cracking formed blocks, which were exposed when the softer volcanic rock above eroded away. Weathering over the years has rounded the corners of the boulders to what we see today.

boating the baths caribbean british virgin islands

 After Baths!

From there Kevin took us to Marina Cay where we snorkeled. We swam with turtles and many colourful fish plus Jack spotted a shark. Not to worry, it was of the small, vegetarian variety. We then boated along the southern group of BVI’s. Kevin narrated our way through Dead Man’s Chest, Peter, Norman, Salt, Cooper, Ginger and Jerusalem islands.

Our adventure ended at Cruz Bay immigration to check back into the USVI’s. It was smooth sailing (well, power boating) the whole time!

boating baths caribbean alibi boat charter

We felt lucky to have heard about Caribbean Alibi. You will also find them on TripAdvisor, along with numerous 5-star reviews. We have been out on other charters and suffice it to say – this is the best charter company on island!

Check out my review on TripAdvisor.  You can contact Caribbean Alibi here.

As always, we wish you safe and happy travels!

boating caribbean alibi boat charter

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