Bubbly Pool Jost Van Dyke

Bubbly fun in the sun!

The Bubbly Pool, Cape Wright, Jost Van Dyke is one of the Caribbeans best kept secrets. Definitely a bucket list worthy adventure.

bubbly pool

Bubbly Pool is a natural rock-pool formation with a narrow opening to the ocean. Waves are forced through the rocks resulting in bubbles frothing up in the pool.  It’s like sitting in a big glass of champagne!

Best time to go

The best time to experience the Bubbly Pool is when the waves or swells are large. The day we went there were 9′ swells. While the boat ride to and from was a bit rough, the result at the Pool was nothing short of spectacular. You’ll be very disappointed if you go when the ocean is dead calm.

If you can, go with a small group rather than on a tour – its quite a small space and can get crowded.

Leaving from St. Thomas, USVI’s, we went as a group of 10 friends on a boat from Pocket Yachts. Although the ocean was rough, the very experienced Captain Tobie made the ride enjoyable and as smooth as possible. I felt extremely safe with Tobie at the helm.

bubbly pool jost van dyke fun

Best advice

  • bring your Passport – unless you are already in the BVI’s
  • bring a water bottle  – from Taboo it’s a 20 minute hike through rocky terrain
  • wear water or reef shoes – you’ll want to wear something with a tread for the hike as well as in the Pool – flip flops are dangerous

bubbly pool hike jost van dyke

  • bring/wear natural bug spray, depending on the season
  • bring/wear ocean-safe sunscreen
  • walk the shoreline from Taboo, then follow the path – if in doubt look for the blue splotched rocks to guide you
  • don’t stand under the poisonous trees along the path when its raining
  • stay in a safe area of the Pool – not among the rocks to either side as there is a chance of getting bashed around AND not too far in as there is a chance of getting sucked out to sea

bubbly pool jost van dyke british virgin islands

Please don’t

  • leave your garbage
  • tell anyone else about this gem – it’ll be our secret
  • get sucked out with the waves or tide – use caution – the Atlantic ocean is a powerful force

bubbly pool fun jost van dyke

Enjoy the bubbles and don’t forget to add this to your Evolving Bucket List of adventures!

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